Financial Extensive Planning (FEP)

vQuest Technologies is developing a budgeting and Financial Planning Tool “Financial Extensive Planning (FEP)” to small business to manage all the financial aspects for the both mobile and web based platform and also t manage other activities like Point of sale, Transaction , Customer information This product is aimed at other businesses which are looking for plug and play finance features.

Financial Extensive Planning (FEP) software draws upon the structure of the cloud based infrastructure, Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards (FARS), General Reconciliation and Ledger (GRL) and Uniform Spending and Payment System.

Financial Extensive Planning (FEP) is one stop software for the businesses planning to manage financial on both web and mobile platform , manage the spending for multiple fiscal years, balance the budget amount between multiple fiscal years, create and maintain the budget , submit the receipt for various expenses against the given budget and maintain the payment system. Financial

Financial Extensive Planning (FEP) has a library of modules that streamline management financial processes. Clients can select any combination of modules to address their priorities. Modules can also be added at - any time in the future as they expand their performance improvement programs. FEP is a poweRful SAAS cloud based, compatible with multiple devices, and can be accessed both on Internet and mobile

Core modules include: • Budget Management System • Types of Accounts • Budget Allocations Module • Manage Budget and Application • Expense Transactions • Payments • Project Management • Training Management • Audits Management

Optional modules include: • Communication Management Module • Accident & Incident Reporting Modules • Risk Assessment Modules • Nonconformance’s, Corrective/Preventive Actions • Document Management & Control • Records Management Module • Meetings Management • Work Observations Module • Emergency Response Module • Maintenance, Measurement & Monitoring. • Policy Statement Management Module • Supplier Management & Nonconformance • Attendance Management

Financial Extensive Planning (FEP) are built on an open, highly scalable on-demand platform so you can quickly deploy and configure all applications without programming. Financial Extensive Planning (FEP) features a flexible, best of breed architecture and is open and easy to integrate with other business applications.